MyEverydayShopping is a Canadian registered business, founded in 2015, and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

MyEverydayShopping is a shopping platform that connects customers with merchants, and does not own or sell any products of its own. It does not take responsibility for any products purchased through any of its Merchants. All liabilities are born by the seller of the product, the Merchant.

MyEverydayShopping connects customers and businesses. We help all types of businesses acquire new customers by advertising their products and services to our members. Before a business becomes a part of the MyEverydayShopping platform, we negotiate a rebate percentage that will attract new customers who become members of the club. It is the goal of MyEverydayShopping to increase the merchant's bottom-line and customer base.

The Rebates received by MyEverydayShopping become Reward Points given to our members for shopping, which helps shoppers through our legendary points rewards block system program. This allows shoppers to use their points to purchase products, services or cash them in and the beauty of the points are that they never expire.