About the Company

MyEverydayShopping is a Canadian registered business, founded in 2015, and is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.

MyEverydayShopping is a shopping platform that connects customers with merchants, and does not own or sell any products of its own. It does not take responsibility for any products purchased through any of its Merchants. All liabilities are born by the seller of the product, the Merchant.

MyEverydayShopping connects customers and businesses. We help all types of businesses acquire new customers by advertising their products and services to our members. Before a business becomes a part of the MyEverydayShopping platform, we negotiate a rebate percentage that will attract new customers who become members of the club. It is the goal of MyEverydayShopping to increase the merchant's bottom-line and customer base.

The Rebates received by MyEverydayShopping become Reward Points given to our members for shopping, which helps shoppers through our legendary points rewards block system program. This allows shoppers to use their points to purchase products, services or cash them in and the beauty of the points are that they never expire.

Our Mission

MyEverydayShopping’s mission is to create an environment for growth for businesses to thrive in their local community by connecting them with loyal shoppers from within their communities or globally. We help shoppers receive reward points that never expire, which can then be exchanged for goods, services and or cash value.

Our Company Executives Summary

Kumuthini Kuna - CEO

Michel (Mitch) Lajeunesse - COO

Mahajayam Mahalingam - President

Iyangaran Warren - Vice President

Sudhakar Nadarajah - Head of operation Eastern Canada

Linda Peterson - Head of operation Western Canada

Naveen - Technical/Software Developer

Srinivas - Technical/Software Developer

Our Services

Members purchase goods and services that meet their requirements or day-to-day needs. Our members shop direct from the business/service provider or through MyEverydayShopping web marketplace.

On the 1st and 16th calendar month, MyEverydayShopping invoices the merchant for the rebates owing, based on member purchases at their location. MyEverydayShopping then distributes collected rebates from the merchants monthly, to the members in EVRPoints, according to the MyEverydayShopping Platform, to reward them for their shopping. At MyEverydayShopping both the members (customers) and the merchants win.

What is EVRewardsPoints

  • EVRPoints is referred to as ‘EverydayRewardPoints’
  • EVRPoints are distributed to members for shopping with MyEverydayShopping Merchants
  • 1 EVRPoint Value is set at $1 CAD
  • EVRPoints never expire

How it works

  • EVRPoints are distributed by MyEverydayShopping
  • Rebate money collected from the merchants in the form of rebates are distributed as EVRPoints to the members
  • EVRPoints are transferable within the MyEverydayShopping Platform
  • EVRPoints can be converted into Cash Value, Products & Services and or Cryptocurrency
  • EVRPoints Never Expire!

Why Choose EVRPoints

EVRPoints are created to give a whole new way of income stream for the members in the club. This is done by our Human Energy platform. Like a Water Wheel generates power and energy in its cycling process is how members generate Reward Points again and again. By shopping within our program, we pride ourselves to never leave a shopper behind. With our built in legendary compensation plan is how everyone benefits and succeeds.


  • Receive & Collect EVRPoints
  • Progressive Growth Earnings
  • Wide Range of Products & Services
  • No Selling or Recruiting Required
  • Everyday Essential Purchases
  • Shop at Local & Online Merchants
  • Easy Tracking & Activities System (purchases and transactions via own dashboard)
  • Build Your Own Shopping Network.
  • Track your everyday & monthly purchases
  • Shop for all your everyday shopping needs with our affiliated merchants
  • Points Never Expire


  • No Monthly Fees
  • Advertising/Business Exposure
  • New Customers
  • Online Access to full reporting & tracking
  • Mass E-mail Feature
  • Book Appointments and Auto Ship
  • Automated Invoice feature
  • Smart Phone Friendly
  • Your Own Business with your own loyalty program
  • Dashboard to track daily and monthly purchases
  • Automated Invoice & Point-of-Sales feature built in
  • One-Page Website
  • We Provide E-commerce solutions for your business
  • Your Very Own Accounting Helper
  • Yearly Cost $149.22

MyEverydayShopping is a one-stop-shopping-platform for your everyday needs. It is integrated with an efficacious platform to create a better economy with a profitable Points Program that benefits all of our shoppers.

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