Welcome to MyEverydayShopping registration page. Please read and agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth prior to filling out MyEverydayShopping registration form.

New applicants registering must accept MyEverydayShopping General Terms and Conditions set forth prior to completing the application and becoming a member.

Hyper link provided for applicants to read and accept the conditions set forth. For new registration, persons must put a check mark inside the box provided to continue with the application.

Members are required to provide their full name, address, phone number and an email address at the time of registration.

Members will need to complete a KYC to be able to withdraw funds from their Digital Wallet or transfer to another account.

Two pieces of Government issued ID, plus a recent bill will be satisfactory to complete your KYC.


Sign up with a one-time fee of only $35 (Tax included) and take advantage of being rewarded while you shop. Simply register here and you will be on your way to a potentially financially rewarding future!!

Applicants who wish to cancel their application will have Thirty Days (30 days) to reconsider their decision and stop the process.

In such case, the applicant must send written communication via email or registered letter clearly stating that they no longer wish to participate in the MyEverydayShopping program and would like to withdraw his or her application.

Upon receiving such a request, MyEverydayShopping will respond to the cancellation notice requested. The process will commence within five (5) working days from the day the request is received.

Applicant/member must provide his/ her user name, ID number, email address, password and the address provided at the time the application was submitted in order to cancel the membership.

The registration fee of $35 (CAD) submitted with the application shall be fully reimbursed to the applicant. Administration will set forth enough time to process the request made by the member within thirty days (30 days), from the day the cancellation was received.

Reimbursement will be provided to the applicant in the form of a certified cheque payable in the applicant’s name and will be sent out by registered mail.

MyEverydayShopping will not be responsible for any incorrect address, email, and or telephone number. It is the sole responsibility of individuals to keep their contact information up to date and current to receive communication from MyEverydayShopping.

I hereby apply to participate in the “MyEverydayShopping REWARD PROGRAM.”

A Program where rebates are provided by registered MyEverydayShopping Merchants for products and or services purchased by Members as rewards.

MyEverydayShopping, will then administer this rebate into my holding tank until a value of ten EVRP (EverydayRewardPoints) has been achieved. ALL EVRP Values of 10 EVRP will then be placed as an entry into my “BLOCK.”

1 EVRP= $1 (CAD)

4 Ways to Earn:

1) Main Dashboard Initial 10 EVRP move through 27 blocks, earns & retires with 189,010 EVRP

2) Purchase Dashboard 10 of your shopping entries will go through the 27 blocks, and each of your 10 entries will earn 189,010 EVRP. Note: When 1 entry retires, an additional entry will enter. You will always have 10 entries going through the blocks

3) Additional Dashboard Additional shopping entries will be paid 1st and 2nd blocks only

4) Merchant Referral Members who bring in merchants will receive 5% of the rebates paid to MyEverydayShopping

Example: Merchant brings in 1000 EVRP that month; member who referred will get 50 EVRP. MyEverydayShopping will also get 50 EVRP (5%) and the balance 900 EVRP will go to the shoppers.

When a shopper signs up a merchant to participate in MyEverydayShopping they will receive 3 activates to help them though the blocks (one time.)


Aside from the REGISRATION FEE of $35 (CAD Tax included) No additional money will be collected or made payable to MyEverydayShopping. All purchases will be made directly from merchants/Vendors/Service Providers listed on the MyEverydayShopping website.


Yes, I give MyEverydayShopping permission to send all information, via SMS Text, and any Newsletters/Updates, via email, that is listed above.

Pay by Shopping/Temporary ID

By Clicking ‘Pay by Shopping’ this allows you to accumulate the $35 worth of shopping reward points that needs to be paid before becoming a permanent member of MyEverydayShopping. Shopping can be done at any MyEverydayShopping affiliated merchants. Until this $35 is accumulated you will acquire a temporary ID number, which allows you to log in and collect points with our merchants.

Note: To refer anyone or any merchants you must fulfill the one time $35 fee requirement.